My sister-in-law and Niece

It was about 4 am or so and I was up taking a shower. Getting out drying a bit grabbing my bath robe tying it around and headed to the kitchen to make coffee. My wife had passed a couple of years ago and I hadn’t dated or even had sex since then. Just not interested, I guess. I’m 50 years old keep in shape kind of average height about 5’8″, salt and pepper hair and a good old farmer’s tan. My name is Dennis or better known around the family Uncle Dee.

My sister-in-law Hyun and daughter Kalyani were staying with me while Todd her husband had left for overseas the next 3 weeks on business. There was construction going on next to their house and didn’t feel comfortable staying alone. I just live a block from them, it was convenient, and Todd suggested they stay here.

Hyun was born and raised in Seoul met Todd going to college here in the US. She’s 35 and their daughter Kayani is 14. Hyun is 5’ 6” tall for an Asian gal. Short black hair small breasted great shape of a body. Kalyani is a tall one for her age as well 5’ 4”long black hair down to the top of her ass her small titties just forming. Now Todd is 40 at 6’5” right down fat now not like when he was younger.

I heard someone stirring around coming from the guest bathroom. I had my back turned pouring a cup of coffee and Hyun goes good morning. I turned around with my coffee cup in hand smiling raising my cup of coffee. Want a cup? Hyun her eyes big, jaw dropped, breathing a bit erratic. The only words she could muster was OMG! She was looking at my crotch my total cock and balls exposed hanging down my thighs. All 10 inches a large mushroom head and my large ball sack just hanging there. When I had turned around my robe’s string caught on the drawer knob and came untied opening my robe completely.

I put the coffee cup on the countertop grabbed my robe and was closing it and Hyun goes no I want to see my gawd it’s so large. I stood there in disbelief. Hyun goes my sister said it was very big, but I never thought how big. Todd’s is the only other one I have ever seen. I thought he had a big one but yours is twice as long and a whole lot thicker the head is so massive. Your balls so massive no hair so sexy. Uncle Dee can I please touch it feel it please. Without a word she came close to me reaching down taking the mushroom head in the palm of her hand stroking the shaft with her long fingernails.

My cock began to grow harder expanding more she gripped her hand around the shaft stroking it ever so slowly. We looked into each other’s eyes our lips met we were kissing with passion. My cock and her hand pressed between us she still stoking. I pulled back a bit taking her robe off then grabbing the hem of her nighty pulling it over her head. She was stark naked there in my kitchen. I lifted her up under her arms and sat her on the breakfast bar. I began kissing down her now moist body.

I squeezed her half lemon sized breast sucking the large harden nipple. Her head was tilting back eyes closed moaning. Uncle Dee she moaned I haven’t been touched in over 6 months. Take me I’m yours. Taking her tit completely in my mouth sucking it tonguing her nipple. My other hand traveled down her firm stomach to the top of her slit.

She had black sparsely hair around her precious cunt. I kissed her down her stomach opening her slit with my finger and thumb I began licking the hood of her clit. It soon became erect taking it in my lips sucking it licking the head. She was back on her elbows her head going back and forth screeching in a low voice. I lifted my open hand began rubbing her slit and pussy as fast as I could. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed Kalyani crawling to the hallway bathroom. I pretended not to notice her. She got in the bathroom still on her knees peaking out the door.

Hyun goes I want you in me now, I want all your semen deep in me fuck Uncle Dee fuck me hard. I’m yours. I pulled her towards me grabbing my shaft I began poking the head in her ever so tight pussy. She screeched I pushed in further taking it slowly. She raised her legs behind her shoulders. Damn this girl is so limber. I grabbed her hips ramming my long thick rod deep inside her. I was fucking my sister-in-law gawd that turned me on even more. I grabbed her off the kitchen bar she wrapped her legs around me and started bouncing up and down my rod fast and faster. We were kissing with passion her arms wrapped around my neck.

I turned her around so her back was facing the hallway bathroom. Kalyani was watching so intent. She watched my long shaft each time her mom would lift up. Kalyani stood up pulled her little panties down and began rubbing her little pussy. She sat down on the floor spread her legs and began fingering herself out of control. Her head tilted back she squirmed a bit moaning. She got up and ran to the bedroom. Her panties still on the hallway floor.

I put Hyun on the floor had her go doggy style. Her ass in the air her elbows on the floor. I grabbed her hips rammed my cock deep inside her fucking her fast. My balls slapping off her thighs she screamed give me your semen. My mushroom head expanded shot a hot stream of cum deep inside her then another and another. I couldn’t believe it I pulled out turned her over shot another on her tits and stomach then finished another all over her hair.

We collapsed on each other hugging. Laughing a bit. I go I think I found me a little cum dump you know. That’s a nasty word Uncle Dee she said. Baby from now on this is a cock and you are my cum dump. Well then let me get nasty too you’re my fuck toy. Hyun you’re going must wax that sweet pussy of yours you know. I’ll eat your pussy like you never had before. Okay I’ll do it for you. Todd hasn’t kissed me down there since we had Kalyani.

OMG, I hope we didn’t wake Kalyani. No, I don’t think we did. I got to shower and get ready for work. Wish I was retired like you then we could mess around all day. I went and took a quick shower as well.

She came out dressed looking hotter than usual. There was a glow about her like she had a new lease on life. She ran up to me gave me a deep tongue kiss whispering I’ll have a surprise for you when I get back this evening. Out the door she went.