Something funny happened in the shower. Part III

Part III

The next time I went over Massimo was much more relaxed. We had the house to ourselves for a long time and we headed up to his room. He started with the measurements. Last time he had used his fingers to get me hard, this time he playfully used his tongue. When he was done, I asked him about the measurements. Five and half along the bottom, a little more than five along the top. Not much change. Although I was thicker today.

He said he wanted to do fifteen seconds of suction three times. We both agreed that we could do it if there was no movement involved. I laid back as he did it three times. It was very enjoyable at first but soon got a little irritating. I did the same to him and we both had red dicks. My head was swollen and almost reddish purple. We decided to lay down and wait for the redness to fade.

While we waited, I rested my hand on him. Soon it was moving around feeling his smooth skin. I pushed his arm up and looked at his armpit. There were a few wispy hairs there. The only place other than his head that he had more than peach fuzz. I was kind of fascinated by the contrast and he got uncomfortable and tried to move, but I held his arm down. This led to a struggle and then we started gently wrestling. Each of us was trying to hold down the other and get their weight on top. I was thin and stringy, and he was a thicker and soft, but we were evenly matched. The wrestling led to some grinding. At one point I looked down and saw our penises together. It was quite a contrast. I was hairy, he was not. I was thick and long in comparison. A few times I pinned him with his arms extended either face down or face up, and a few times he pinned me. When I pinned him I aways grinded against him, between his legs, against his belly, along his backside, until he twisted away.

The wrestling was interrupted when I took him into my mouth. I would lick for a while and then he would push me off and we would wrestle again until he pinned me with his mouth. It went on like this, neither one of us wanting it to end. At one point we ended up in opposite directions, but I fought the temptation to sixty-nine. Eventually I pinned him and would not let him up until he spasmed and lost control. “I won.” I announced.

“Not yet.” He said as he pushed me over. He started slowly licking my shaft. He took his time and tortured me by going slow. I wanted it to last forever, but eventually I held his head and pumped like a mad man. After we were done, we got dressed and went down to the kitchen.

When I saw the kitchen clock, I realized that we had spent more than an hour in his bedroom. The first time we were together, we did the suction and then finished each other off in ten to fifteen minutes, the next time took a little longer. This time was so long that both of us realized that we weren’t doing some experiment, we just were fooling around.

It was a bit awkward. Neither of us said a word about what we had just done. I was afraid if someone came home, they would notice something fishy was going on, so I made an excuse and left.

On Saturday I had a pool party to go to. Tim had invited me. I wanted to ask him if his twin sister Tina would be there, but Tim was sensitive about his sister after the Cafeteria Incident, so instead I asked about a few of her friends. They would be there, so I knew that cute little Tina would as well.

The Cafeteria Incident, as it was called, happened when all my friends were sitting at one table in the lunchroom of school and Teddy made his comment. Teddy often made inappropriate and stupid comments. This time, for no reason he loudly proclaimed, “Tim, your sister is hot!”

There was some giggling and spilled food. Tim’s face twisted a bit in anger. He didn’t like guys talking about his sister. Then it got worse. John Philips was a jokester, he added. “What are talking about? They look exactly the same.”

The table burst out in laughter dominating the whole cafeteria. Tim stood up and lunged across the table at John. Everyone was laughing and pulling them apart, but Tim was very serious. Mr. Simmons came and stood at the end of the table, and everyone calmed down. Tim had this burning look in his eyes, which of course caused a few more giggles.

I don’t think that Teddy understood that John had implied he was a fag. If my friends found out what I was doing this summer, what would they think of me?

I spent the afternoon at Tim’s. His sister was there with two of her friends. I was afraid of the deep end, but I was ok with deep water when I had a scuba mask on. The scuba mask was great to see underwater and to look at the girls’ legs and bums. I had to be careful not to overdo it. As it was a couple of my friends noticed. There were some water games that everyone played that included throwing and fighting over the ball. Tim’s older sister even came out and sunbathed for a while. I think she noticed the effect she had on Tim’s friends. Very curvy. A nice plump ass.

That night back at home, everyone had left the house after dinner. I was usually alone at home on Saturdays if I didn’t go out. I would usually watch a movie and look at dirty magazines. The movie came from a channel called WXON. It showed premium movies commercial free every night starting at 8pm if you had a descrambler. I was going to rewatch a horror movie tonight primarily for a few scenes of nudity that were not edited out.

I thought of the pool party and then I thought of Massimo. He might have been invited, but after the shower incident I don’t think a pool party was a good idea. I would have liked him there, just so he could have gotten out of his house. Everyone still liked him. With all the wrestling and seeing people in their bathing suits I was particularly horny. I thought of Massimo coming over and I realized that maybe he would. So, I called him and told him about the movie. He agreed to come over.

We had a good TV in the basement hooked up to the WXON descrambler. It was even larger than the living room TV. Because of flooding our basement had older furniture and a thin green rug. It was a bit of embarrassment. In comparison, Massimo’s house was very nicely furnished. The movie started and I lay on the cheap vinyl couch and Massimo watched from an old recliner. A few minutes in there was a scene of a girl taking off her shirt and then her bra. “What the hell?” Massimo said.

“Yeah. The movies are uncut and commercial free.”

Early in the movie was another scene of the monster watching as people went skinny dipping. There was a few minutes of boobs and bums. The middle of the movie was slow, so I went and made popcorn. I came down with drinks and a bowl. After handing the bowl back and forth I invited Massimo onto the couch. When the bowl was empty, I suggested Massimo recline on the couch and he put his legs over me as a sat at the far end of the couch. I rested one hand on his leg and the other on his stomach. As the movie went on, I slipped my fingers into the gap of his shirt between buttons. I slowly moved my fingers and repositioned my hand after unbuttoning one his buttons. There was a jump scare in the movie and I made sure to grab his arm in unison with the action on the screen. He jumped and twisted away and as I laughed, he roughly pulled at me. I ended up at an angle leaning over him wedged behind his hips. My hands were back on him, front and back. I gently rubbed against his skin for next part of the movie. When he got excited and plunged his hand down my sweatpants, I told him to stop after a minute. The movie was good, and I wanted him to finish it. I also wanted to prolong the time I spent with my hands on him.

Even before the end credits I was unbuttoning his shirt. Our pants were pulled and pushed below our knees and my shirt was pulled over my head. We were grinding up against each other on the couch. The pretense of wrestling was gone, and it was all about getting each other into different positions. We were face to face for a while with my erection extended between his thighs and it felt like we were going to kiss. We didn’t. I guess neither of us wanted to be the first to cross that bridge. It was like we were under the fiction that we were both just getting each other off. I did however shift down and put my mouth on his nipple. I licked them both and placed my mouth over then and sucked his mound of flesh into my mouth. He gasped and breathed heavily. We kept changing positions and we took turns with our mouths on each other’s dick.

As he was grinding against my backside, I shifted off the couch leaning over it and guided him to get behind me. He pushed his hips against my backside and his erection slid between my buttocks. I reached over to a side drawer, took out a tube of cream and told him to rub some of it inside me. I felt him apply the cool cream inside me, in the sensitive wrinkled spot and he even pressed some up inside my tight hole. Then he got behind me and slid his pecker into me. Over and over his tip slid in and pushed against my greased entry. He wasn’t long enough to keep it in and move much. It felt nice and I felt comfortable, and I wanted him to do it as long as he wanted. He seemed to get excited, and I thought he might cum, but he stopped and sat beside me.

I guided him to the position I was in and pushed against his back, so he was leaned over the couch. I took the tube and rubbed a generous amount into his hole until his pink area was covered in milky cream. I put some on my tip and then I slid it into him. I could press half my shaft into his bum until the head was pressed against his opening. I moved a little back in forth. My battering ram pressed the lotion into his puckered balloon knot. It opened more and more until my head slipped in and I felt a tight hold on the top of my shaft. I gently slid forward and back. I asked him if he was ok. He squeaked out a yes. I pulled back and my head plopped out. I put more cream inside of him and put some on my shaft. I pressed back in and moved a little deeper. I slid in and out for a few minutes. There was a wave a cream on my shaft, a high-water mark, and I decided to plunge a little deeper and move that wave farther down my shaft.

After a while I was fully in. The front of my legs brushed up against his and my pubes were making contact with his fleshy bum. I kept up a slow pace so that I would not finish. I heard a moan. It was him. It was also me. I was involuntary moaning. We were both breathing loudly and moaning. Sometimes out of sync and sometimes together. Without realizing it I had picked up the pace. I was practically slapping against him. We were both making a lot of noise. My shaft felt as hard as steel. His O-ring pulled at me as I slid over his velvety insides. I heard a deep prolonged moan from Massimo. I held still. I squirted. I gyrated and pulsed. I moaned and he gasped. Our bodies jerked, held together by my dick, until I fell on top of him in exhaustion. I pulled out of him and sat back onto the carpet.

We were both still for a while. I sat beside him as he stayed in the same position, his face resting on the couch. When he finally moved, I saw a line of jizz running down the front of the cheap vinyl couch from where he was. At the bottom, it made a round circle of wetness on the flat green carpet. He had cum. I didn’t know it was possible. It looked like much more than he usually produced. He noticed me staring at it. He had a shocked look on his face. He quickly dressed and told me he had to leave. Before I could get my pants and shirt on, I heard the door open, and he was gone.