The Apartment out of town

My job had me working out of town for several months and it turned out to be as much play as work.

I hadn’t been married long but we’d already gotten into the swinger lifestyle. We’d had mostly MFM threesomes and wife-swapping with couples with bi-wives. Though we had tried a few small gangbangs and one of our favorite things was for Lynn my hot 18 yo wife to seduce strangers for sex, both for threesomes and for me to watch. Sometimes I’d be watching and the guy would have no idea I was even there. But coming from a small very conservative Christian town and Lynn’s dad being the preacher there we had to in most cases have our fun out of town in hotels. Lynn was an avid exhibitionist but had to dress ultra-conservative around town, hiding her sexy 5-6, 120lb, 36D-24-35 body, and wearing her long red hair up in a bun.

So when I found out my company would be sending me out of town for several months and would rent us an apartment to live in, we were thrilled. We packed up all of Lynn’s revealing clothes and sexy lingerie, and her assortment of sex toys. We would be in a big city over 1000 miles away from anyone we knew for at least four months and possibly as long as six months. Lynn could hardly wait to walk down the street dressed like a total slut without having to worry about someone we knew seeing her. We were even happier when we saw the apartment was on the ground floor with many big windows and lots of foot traffic. I could picture Lynn walking around half-naked in front of the windows most of the day.

Lynn wasted no time in taking advantage of our new place. While taking things out of the car she was wearing a really skimpy top that when she leaned over to pick something up left her big tits hanging down for anyone walking behind her to see. As well as a really skimpy pair of shorts her sexy ass was hanging out of. We’d noticed lots of guys who looked to be in their early to mid-teens walking by and learned there was a middle school near us full of 12 to 16-year-olds. And that a good number of them walked by our place going to and from school every day. Lynn especially loved exposing herself to guys younger and much older than herself. So this was a perfect setup for her. I knew right away that she’d be spending a lot of time outdoors at least twice a day. But I was enjoying some eye candy myself in the form of some really hot young girls in their pre and early teens.

That night we went out to dinner and walked to a little place we’d seen coming in that offered al fresco dining. Lynn wore a sexy low-cut dress that her boobs were almost falling out of and opened up in the front . Underneath all she was wearing was a garter belt & stockings, No bra or panties. And she had on a pair of 4″ heels. She’d picked that dress because it was made of a really light fabric and if the wind blew the least bit it would open up. And it was very windy that day so it was lifting the dress up to her waist. Allowing anyone watching a perfect view of her long stocking-covered legs, her sexy garter belt & stockings, and her red bush. Or from behind a nice look at her firm round ass. Lots of people both walking and in cars got a nice look at her from the waist down. And once we were seated at the restaurant her big tits were totally visible to anyone walking by, including her huge nipples. I think the waiter got a hard-on taking our order.

But the real fun came the next day while I was at work. It started with the guy coming to put in the cable TV. Lynn was wearing a totally see-through white baby doll. She acted as if she’d forgotten he was coming but made no effort to cover up. She stood close by no matter where he went, and when he went to put a receptacle in the bedroom the bright light from the morning sun made her lingerie seem invisible and showed her sexy body off even more. Not to mention a poster-size picture over the bed of her naked standing in front of the ocean lifting up her big tits. He hadn’t commented about how she was dressed until then and he finally built up the courage and nervously pointed to the picture and said she had an amazing body and how she looked so firm.

She surprised him when she said thanks and took his hand and she asked if he’d like to see just how firm she’d placed his hand on one of her firm young tits. The thin material was the only thing between his hand and her tits. Without a word, she pulled off the top and he started to feel both of her tits. As he did she slipped her panties off and let them fall to her feet standing naked in front of him. His hands moved from her boobs to her pussy and to her ass. Then she cupped his head and pulled it forward with no resistance and he started sucking on her big tits. Then she unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out and stroked it. But she got a surprise when she went to her knees and took him in her mouth and began to suck on it taking more and more of it in her mouth until his balls were hitting her chin. He commented on how good that felt and how his wife wouldn’t do that for him. But then he stopped and said he couldn’t do that and pulled his pants up. It surprised her that he’d gotten that far and then stopped, and even more, the fact that he said ” you won’t tell people about this will you? “. I mean wow, who would she tell and why?

But the day wasn’t over yet and a couple of hours later the UPS guy showed up, and she was ready for him. We’d sent 3-4 heavy boxes so when she answered the door in only a towel he was more than happy to bring them inside and take them down the hall for her. During this time her towel had “Accidentally” fallen off and she’d stepped on it causing it to take even longer to put it back on. She told him she was very sorry about that, and she liked his response when he said he wasn’t and said that was the best thing that had happened to him all week. Then asked her not to tell her parents he’d said that. I guess thinking she was living there with her parents. She said not to worry and offered him something cold to drink as it was a hot day. As she took something out of the fridge she let the towel fall off again. This time saying fuck it and laying it on the counter.

She with a very sexy look said she figured he wouldn’t mind if she left it off. Grinning from ear to ear he said that was fine. Then asked when she expected her parents. She said they were out of town for a couple of days. At that he moved closer and started to compliment her body. It wasn’t long before he was fondling her tits and then sucking them as she pulled his big cock out. She was going to suck him off but instead, he led her to the living room and laid her on the floor. He stripped and got on the carpet with her. He sucked her tits some more and then moved down and started eating her pussy. Then had her get on her hands & knees. She was figuring he wanted to fuck her in the ass, but he wanted it doggie style. But he’d been prepared to pull a condom from his pocket. He started fucking her from behind as he reached around fondling her big tits. He kept saying how hot this was and then blew her mind when he said he had a daughter her age. He was fucking her like a wild man and had mentioned his daughter a couple of more times. So Lynn took a shot and said fuck me, hard daddy. She could feel him taking it to another gear as he started pounding his big dick in her even harder.

Then he said do you like feeling daddy’s cock inside you? Lynn played along and said yes daddy, your cock is so big and it fills my little pussy up. Then said I’ve been wanting you to fuck my little pussy for so long. Then told him she’d lay in bed playing with her pussy fantasizing about him fucking her and of her sucking his big cock. He was going nuts by now fucking her as he said he’d been thinking about fucking her since he accidentally saw her naked in the shower when she was 12 but knew she was too young. But that he’d been jerking off thinking about her ever since then. And especially when she started to develop and her tits had gotten bigger than her mother’s. And said he couldn’t believe she’d developed at such a young age. Then it was more like he was talking to Lynn and he commented how it looked like she’d developed early like Rachel. Then acted like he hadn’t meant to say her name in case they went to the same school because they were probably in the same grade.

Out of curiosity, she asked what grade and he reluctantly said 8th. Lynn did the math and figured his daughter was about 13-14 years old. So wondered how he put her at that age but figured he was already fantasizing about his daughter. And Lynn did look young on her face. Then Lynn decided to fuck with him a little and asked if she did know his daughter would it turn him on to walk in and catch her and Rachel kissing and feeling each other’s tits. He went silent for a minute then said actually he’d had a fantasy of walking in on her and one of her girlfriends having sex because there were several of them he thought were really hot. Then added he’d a whole lot rather catch her with another 14 yo girl than with a guy. So now Lynn knew she was 14. He started to really pound his cock in Lynn’s pussy and asked if she’d ever been with another girl her age and she said she’d been with her cousin who was the same age. But the others had been older. He was obviously thinking about his daughter with another girl and was very turned on by it.

Then Lynn said daddy will you fuck your little girl’s tits and shoot your cum on them. He loved that Idea and said yea baby I’ve wanted to fuck your big tits and cum on them and on your pretty face like I use to do your mommies before she got so cold. Lynn rolled over and he started fucking her big tits he said, Rachel, I won’t get mad but have you ever let any boys do this to you. Lynn said it was as if he started to really think she was his daughter. But she just said no that she wanted her first time to be with either him or her husband when she got married. He said that was a long way away and started fucking Lynn’s tits really fast as she held them together and emptied a huge load of cum on her face and tits. When Lynn commented later on the huge amount of cum he told her he hadn’t had sex in months and hadn’t even jerked off. His wife had cut him off when one night he was fucking her and accidentally said out loud yea Rachel that’s how I like it.

As he got dressed he asked Lynn if her parents went out of town often. Then said something about leaving such a young girl home alone. So Lynn asked how old he thought she was. He quickly said I’m hoping you’re at least 14 or 15 but that he wasn’t sure. When she said she was 18 and was married he was shocked. But when she said we were swingers and we had sex with people outside the marriage he got curious and asked if she’d intentionally let him see her naked. She said she had, that she was an exhibitionist and got turned on letting people see her naked. Then he asked if she’d really had sex with her cousin, she said she had from the time they were 14 to 16 and again recently in a threesome with her and me. She guessed what his next question would be and said yes my husband fucked both of us and saw us having sex with each other. Then said to wait a minute and left the room. She came back with pictures of her and her cousin naked together looking more like twin sisters than cousins. As well as pictures of them sucking each other’s tits and eating each other’s pussy. Along with pictures of the 3 of us together with them both sucking me off and me fucking them both.

And pictures of Lynn’s 13 yo sister who looked nothing like Lynn sucking my cock and Lynn and I sucking her tits & eating her pussy. Though Lynn didn’t know I’d fucked her sister too. Over the next few months we were there he came back and fucked Lynn a few times and had a couple of threesomes with us. Where more secrets surfaced from him when during our 2nd threesome he confessed that he’d been fantasizing about sucking my very thick 9 1/2″ cock and having me fuck him in the ass. He said he’d never been fucked in the ass but had sucked a couple of guys off when he was in college. I let him suck my dick but passed on fucking him. But Lynn fucked him using a strap-on she and some of her female sex partners had used. And he surprised us even more when he showed us pictures of his daughter naked getting in and out of the shower he’d taken through some kind of AC vent. And I was amazed that she was only 13 and had such big tits.

But over those few months, there’s no telling how many guys/girls saw my sexy wife naked. Nor how many guys/girls she had sex with. Including several students from the Jr High near us. And we had threesomes with a few of them, including one 15 yo girl who was an absolute knockout. And I fucked her a few times when Lynn wasn’t home and even got to take some really hot posed nude pics of her. And a few action shots of the three of us going at it. It was a real letdown when it was time to go home. But we took back lots of hot memories and some great pictures of several teenage girls naked.